Personalize your campaigns with our advanced targeting features and send each subscriber the right email at the right time for them.
Improve your metrics with email marketing techniques.
Track your campaign's performance to find the best fit for your business.

Private Mail to Name

If you want to start a new business in terms of brand reputation, you need to master some conditions. Some of these are elements under current conditions such as official websites, official social media accounts or WhatsApp support line. In addition, the email address with your company’s custom extension. By creating a special e-mail address for you, we make it easier for your customers to contact you.

Mail to your Ready Lists

<span “font-size: 13px;”> Turkey and Herzegovina relies on medium and large companies abroad, sending many of them somehow bulk e-mails, using the marketing automation and finding new subscribers by electronic bulletin registration plugin found on the website, send regular electronic Send e-mails with newsletters, reminders of items tossed in the cart, and welcome e-mails to new members It supports you to increase your customer potential by reaching more audiences.

Monthly Reporting

Analyze how to structure production data, sales and marketing, financial information and other departmental data, Prepare reports that reflect corporate and unit performance, Process data and convert them into graphics, reports and presentation documents Developing systems for recording and protecting data helps you achieve better results and more customer demands by monthly reporting.

Instant Tracking

Tracking and analyzing comments about brands, individuals or organizations on online platforms such as websites, blogs, social media platforms and visual content sharing is based on interaction and sharing. Knowing your brand issues and users’ attitudes towards your brand on social media can provide the right strategies in the face of negative situations. Some users can share their thoughts or complaints on their profiles. For this reason, every brand that exists on social media should follow social media.

Creating a Website Form

Redirecting to the requested pages from the mail

Redirection is the process of redirecting the URL requested by the user and the search engine to different URLs.

Your Reflection on the Digital

We are with you 24/7 with our entire team to reflect your brand's visible face in the digital world in the best way.

We Provide Digital Solutions

As Swot Media team, we work devotedly to move you ahead of your competitors and we do not leave any problems unsolved by producing solutions to your problems.

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We thank the Swot Media team for their support in everything.

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We would like to thank Swot Media agency, which does its job with dedication and meticulousness.

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