Google Maps, one of the applications on almost everyone's mobile phones, is mainly used for navigation purposes. In addition, thanks to the ability to view all parts of the world in 3D, users can feel as if they are walking around there. With this free app, users can gradually view and visit the streets, alleys and other open areas in the city of their choice.

Registration to Google Maps

A Google account must be opened. Choose to add a marker to the Map tab. After selecting the area to add, the selected location will be named. Then complete the process by clicking the save button so the relevant places and their names are visible on the map. Google Maps provides the opportunity to add companies and businesses to the app, as well as add addresses. This process often works as other places add.

Monthly Map Update

After defining you on the maps, we regularly update you every month and make sure you appear on Google Maps.

Annual Map Update

As we do every month, we update your maps every year, and when your name is written, we make it possible for customers to find you more comfortably by appearing as defined on the maps.

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