Google's ad network is one of more than 100 online ad networks that show you ads on websites and apps. You will see advertisements while surfing the internet, using mobile apps, reading emails or shopping online. It shows ads on Google products such as Google, Search, Youtube and Gmail.

Keyword Analysis

It is a research method that allows users to determine the search queries where they can find your products and services in search engines. Its purpose is to help companies use the correct search queries.

Domestic Advertising Management

Initiative is the name of brand-related advertising and marketing strategies. It is necessary to get the support of professional people in advertising management. Regarding advertising management; attention should be paid to the effectiveness and low cost of advertising.

Regular Reporting

It is a written form that states the results of audits and researches, thoughts or observations made on any business or subject. It can be bought every month, every week or every day.

Budget Planning

It ensures the correct investment in the company by calculating the company’s income and expenses, regularly checking the funds in and out of the company. Budget planning is also very important for the future investment and growth process.

Managing Advertisements Abroad

With Google ads, you can target one or more countries as needed. For example, if your potential customers are mostly located in countries / regions such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, you would target your ads to target only those countries / regions. Also, if your target audience is many countries / regions around the world, you also have the opportunity to target all countries / regions in the world except some countries / regions.

The Market Research

It provides relevant data to help solve marketing challenges companies may face and becomes an integral part of the business planning process. In fact, without market research, it is impossible to develop strategies such as market segmentation (identifying specific groups in the market) and product differentiation (creating a logo to differentiate a product or service from its competitors).

Instant Ad Tracking

In addition to our AdEx (Ad Expenditure) report, which gives information about who publishes where and how many ads, it can also follow the advertising strategies of the competitors thanks to the AdCreative (new ads) reports that follow new ads.

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