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Event / Organization Shooting

We explore, depending on the size of the organization, number of participants, hours or days, and then use the necessary equipment to determine the number of human factors. On the shooting day, with the video crew we plan the details and move to where necessary to organize the shoot. The videos and photos obtained from the shootings constitute the inventory of the project. We continue post production after shooting. We make editing, editing, sound, effects and music works and deliver them to you.

Model Shots

After completing all our equipment, our first priority is to choose the model, the shooting day, and the shooting story is done after all of them are completed. It is important that your subject will be shot with details that will affect the other side rather than what it is.

Product Shooting

Product shooting is actually a stand-alone sector. We are sought after people in the market who professionally shoot products and do this job with years of experience. After photographing the products you will display on your website, social media or e-commerce portal with optimum light values and the right angle, we make the necessary arrangements in professional software to present them to your customers.

Social Media Shootings

Social media photography is the first choice for individuals and organizations. The biggest reason for this is to create a corporate image to attract, praise and increase product sales on social media platforms. Social media photography, which stands out in the sector, has already taken action, especially for individuals or institutions selling products.

Concept Shots

This concept is often referred to as the general abstract design of an object or thought in the human brain. In daily life, there are certain concepts in the field of business, marketing and sales, and each concept has a different meaning. In the field of photography, the term concept refers to the easiest way to realize the shot in a story and transfer it to the buyer.

Architectural Shots

Interior and exterior professional photography promotes buildings of unmatched beauty in the field of architectural photography. All the beauty of this place emerges as a specific concept. We use wide-angle lenses or fisheye lenses in interior design. We use an ultra wide angle lens for outdoor architectural photography. For this reason, we take care to reflect your space in the best possible way.

Your Reflection on the Digital

We are with you 24/7 with our entire team to reflect your brand's visible face in the digital world in the best possible way.

We Provide Digital Solutions

As Swot Media team, we work devotedly to move you ahead of your competitors and we do not leave any problems unsolved by producing solutions to your problems.

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We thank the Swot Media team for their support in everything.

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