Marketplace is an online store that is opened on the Internet and is the name of the place where manufacturers and sellers display their products. The market site does not sell products from its own warehouse, it only acts as an intermediary. The market category includes sites such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada. Entrepreneurs dealing with e-commerce prefer to exhibit their products in this market. The graphics and texts used on the website should be easy to read.
Color selection should reflect the brand image and corporate image.
The use of graphics, logos, photos and symbols should not slow down the opening speed of the page.
Acceptable fonts should be used.
The compatibility of visual and textual content with SEO should make readers curious and rich in promoting products and services.


Trendyol is a special shopping site that offers exclusive brands at special prices to provide a privileged shopping experience to its members. Being a member of Trendyol is completely free. All products sold through Trendyol are original products in the brand’s catalog. Trendyol has a green bar application that uses the highest security system and SSL certificate to secure the information transmitted with 128 bit encryption.

Çiçek Sepeti

In 2006, Çiçeksepeti, flower and edible flower categories and electronics, home and living, personal products and so on. a new perspective on e-commerce in Turkey was founded with the aim of bringing areas. Its purpose is to deliver shipments in the fastest and most convenient way possible. It offers thousands of products to customers in different categories such as nursing, supermarkets, cosmetics, fashion, sports and outdoor, hobbies, pet shops, jewelry and accessories.

Product Entry

When saving a product, first click “Product” You must login from the “Product Registration” section. We select the category of your product and determine its name, subtitle, HTML description and product images. If your product has detailed information; After filling in these sections such as color options, you can determine the price of the product and the VAT rate (18%). You can provide the pricing group for the product automatically or manually. The product matching and shipping template must be filled in to automatically reflect the product price to other platforms.

Hepsi Burada

is an online shopping site that has been in operation since 1998. 2011, 2012 and become the most popular brand in Turkey in 2013, selecting the annual e-commerce web sites monthly website visits in 2013 exceeded 100 million. The company cooperates with more than 5,000 supplier companies. Geopost has international agreements with Horoz Logistics, PTT Cargo, Sürat Cargo, Yurtiçi Kargo and Aras Kargo.

Performance Management

Performance management is a management method that can continuously and sustainably use and monitor the data obtained through the performance evaluation system and action plans in the work processes of the employees.


Turkey, the company offers selling services to consumers over the Internet has been operating in an open market and e-commerce platform. It was founded by Doğuş Planet in March 2013.

System Registration and Product Entry

For ETBİS registration, real or legal person merchants and MERSİS, merchants and tradesmen tax identification number, TC identification number, tax identification number, mobile application or they need the domain name. Companies selling goods and services over the Internet can register at http://eticaret.gov.tr.

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